Now You Can Eat Real Candy From Candy Crush

The makers of Candy Crush Saga have now made it possible for you to eat the candies from the game. For almost a year now, you have been playing Candy Crush wishing you could eat the candies. Many people have tried to make similar looking candies that resemble the candy from the game but don’t come close. The makers of Candy Crush Saga (king Inc) have now create actual candies from the game that you can buy and eat. Below are some of the candies they have released for enthusiast to purchase and enjoy!

Candy Crush Color Bombs

candy crush color bombs

These delicious color bombs are chocolate drops with rainbow sprinkles. You have seem them hundreds of times while playing your favorite game, CAndy Crush. Now you can eat them and fee the power of the chocolate bomb!

Candy Crush Mixed Fruit Gummies

candy crush fruit gummies

You remember this character from the game, dont you? This is the unicorn from the Minty Meadow that lost his horn. While he seems like a big meany pants, you can now enjoy his delicious fruit gummies. Flavors are blue rasberry, green apple, lemon, cherry, orange and grape.


Candy Crush Jelly Fish

candy crush jelly fish

If you have played Candy Crush Saga then you are well aware of the jelly fish… and im sure you’ve thought about eating them many times. I mean, who wouldn’t? They look absolutely delicious! The fact is… they are. These Candy Crush Jelly Fish come in flavors of blue raspberry, lemon, lime, cherry, orange and grape. Get these delicious Jelly Fish now!


Candy Crush Sour Fruit Gummies

candy crush sour gummies

Here is Mr. Snappy from Sode Swamp ready to give you some Delicious sour gummies. You can go wrong with gummies and you definitely cant go wrong with sour gummies!

If you are a big fan of the game and would like to taste the actual candy from the game, then get some of these candies and try them out yourself!

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How To Create Color Bombs

Color Bombs are one of the best special candy combinations you can make in Candy Crush Saga. The color bomb is a brown spherical candy with rainbow dots all over it. When you mix the color bomb with any normal candy it will crush all the candies on the board with the same color you mixed the color bomb with. Alone, the color bomb is not that great of a combination for how hard it is to make… but when you mix the color bomb with other special candies, you can get a greater effect, more crushing and higher points.

To make a  color bomb, you must get 5 candies of the same color in a row either vertical or horizontal. This can be quite hard to do on some levels with boards that are smaller but you may not need it on those levels.  Making a color bomb is a hard thing to learn but there are a few tips you can use that will better help you become a color bomb creating guru.

The first thing to do to create a color bomb is to either look for a set of candies in a vertical or horizontal row with a empty (different color) candy in the middle. Once you get this set up, its quite easy to make a color bomb.


So here is an example of the two green candies with a purple in the middle. So in this sitatuion all you need is a green candy to line up in the middle of the two green sets. If you have a vertical set up like this one, just move the candies to the left or right of the column. Just keep moving them down until a green one lines up. But be careful not no crush the middle (purple in this example) candy or you will end up with just a stripped candy.


Once a green candy lines up in the middle of the two sets of green candies, then you can move it over and create the color bomb.

The same goes for a horizontal 2 pair set up.


When you see two sets of candies in a vertical position you can also use this to easily create a color bomb in candy crush. You can either crush candies in the middle of the two sets vertically moveing down the column in the middle of the two candies until you come upon a candy that will work to make your color bomb. You can also move candies around above the horizontal set up until you get one in the right position. Be careful not to crush any candies below the horizontal set up or the candies will fall and not be lined up anymore.


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Update Candy Crush App On Android

Millions of people play Candy Crush Saga.. and if you play, you either play on your desktop computer via Facebook or you play on your mobile device. For people on the go, the mobile app is the best way to enjoy hours of entertainment playing Candy Crush Saga. Many people do not know that you must update your Candy Crush Saga application in order to get new updates, new levels and new features.

For those Android users who are playing Candy Crush Saga on their mobile devices like cell phones or tablets, we will show you how to easily update your app to receive the latest updates that Candy Crush has to offer.

Now, for Android users there are two different ways to update your Candy Crush Saga App. First, you must open up the Google Play store.  You should have a Google play store icon on your device…simply open this.


Once you are here you can do one of two things. First, let update Candy Crush by searching for it. Simply start typing Candy Crush in the search bar at the top and you should see the official Candy Crush Saga app pop up.


Click on the official Candy Crush Saga app and you will be taken to the detail page of the app. If you need to update the app, you will see a UPDATE button.


From here, all you have to do is click UPDATE and it will update you to the latest version of the Candy Crush Saga game. When you do this, you will get the newest features added to the game.

You can also update it another why by going to the home area of Google Play and click the menu in the top left of the green bar of the top. A little slider should slide out where yoou see a few options to choose from.


Once this opens, click ‘My Apps’ and it will show a list of all the apps you currently have downloaded from the Google Play store. For the apps that need updating you will see a green ‘update’ text in the bottom right hand corner of the app listing. As you can see below, Candy Crush Saga needs to be updated.


Now click on the Candy Crush Saga app and you will be taken to the detail screen, where you can click the ‘UPDATE’ button and the app will be updated.

Once the app downloads and updates you can open it up and continue enjoying the candy crushing fun!

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Candy Crush Saga Adds New Levels

Candy Crush Saga has been slowly adding extra levels as they find that many people are getting to the end of the game. So don’t fear you Candy Crush Gurus… More levels are here! When Candy Crush Saga began it was only 500 levels. They then added 1 new episode 15 levels to the regular game and also added the dreamworld levels.

On February 26, 2014, Candy Crush Saga has added even more levels for you to enjoy. In the new episode, Sour Salon you have to help the sour phantom play sweet music that he wants to hear. These levels include level 516 – 530 and the hardest one is by far level 530.

sour-saloon-candy-crushThey have also added even more dreamworld levels for you to play. The new episode  Nerdy Nebula is the same situation as before. Simply keep Otus the owl atop his perch or you will lose a life.

If you do not see these levels there could be a few reasons. If you simply haven’t reached these levels, then you will not be able to play  them. These are only available to people who have reached the last levels added before the update. If you have beat these levels and still do not see them, its possible that you need to update your app (if you are playing on a tablet or mobile device). Once you update your app to the latest version, these levels will be available to play.

Expect even more levels to keep getting added to Candy Crush Saga. With a game that makes over $850,000 a day, you know that they will keep adding levels so people keep playing. For more news, tips, and tricks about Candy Crush Saga bookmark and stay up to date on the newest things coming from Candy Crush.

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Candy Crush Players Be Like…

50px-Booster_sweet_teethA meme is an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by non-genetic means, esp. imitation. It can be a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users. Candy Crush Saga has become one of the most popular games of all times (and addicting too) so there has been a plethora of funny memes created around the game. Below is a collection of some funny memes we have found around the web that are dedicated to Candy Crush Saga.

Here is a great collection of some of the funniest Candy Crush Saga Memes around the interwebs…

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Removing Candy Crush Saga Notifications

It can be really annoying when you get notifications all the time from your friends who play Candy Crush Saga. We all love Candy Crush Saga, but we don’t want to know every single level our friends beat or whenever they give out a free life. Candy Crush Saga makers do this so that their game could be spread fast across social networks. Its actually how Candy Crush Saga got so popular so fast… but now, we dont want to see all these notifications. For example, you may not be interested in knowing when they compete certain levels, give lives or things like that. However, it is fairly easy to remove them. Just follow the step by step instructions below.

Firstly open up Facebook. You then need to find the blue bar at the top which on the left has the word ‘Facebook’. On the right hand side it has your name, Find Friends, Home and then a padlock and next to it a gear. You need to click that gear and a menu will drop down as pictured below:



You need to select settings as indicated above. You will then get a screen with the following menu on the left hand side:



Select apps in the left sidebar list. Then you will see a list of all of the applications that you have signed up to in Facebook. Search the list until you find Candy Crush Saga.



If you click on it, a lot of information is revealed as in the picture above. You need to find the part that says ‘when to notify you’ and this is a drop down box:


If you select the option of ‘never’ then you will not get any more notifications on your Facebook wall.

There is a chance that you will not see the candy crush Saga app in your list. If you play the game for a minute then it will appear. However, you may like to try searching for it first in this apps section of Facebook by using ‘ctrl + f’ to use the find function and typing in Candy Crush.

It is also possible for people that play the game to stop it posting on their friends walls. They may not want to do this, but if they do, then they can change the settings where it says ‘post on your behalf’ and click the cross in the corner so that it does not do this. However, it can be nice to post on the walls of other users of the game because then they may be able to get bonuses or benefits from it. To do this you can change the visibility of the app form public to custom and select just the names of your friends that play the game regularly.

A very quick way of getting rid of the notifications can be done on your wall on Facebook. When a message appears like the one below :


You can just click on the arrow that appears in the top right hand corner when you wave your mouse near it. This will drop down a menu which has a selection of options


You can select ‘Hide all from Candy Crush’ and then you will not see notifications on your wall from Candy Crush Saga any more. You can do this with any Facebook app and it will mean that you will not get notifications from any apps that you are not interested in.


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New Candy Crush Saga Levels!

There is some exciting news for all Candy Crush Saga fans, not only are there some new Dreamworld levels but also some new main levels as well. These are not the recent new Dreamworld levels either, there are even more new ones as per the 6th February 2014.

On the main part of the game, there is now a new section caller Sour Salon which includes levels 516-530. You will need to get three tickets to unlock your way through to it though, but if you have got this far, you are likely to have already build up some Facebook friendships so that you can get tickets to new sections easily enough. The section has six levels where you need to remove the jelly, six levels where you need to bring the ingredients down to the bottom and three levels where you need to complete the orders.

sticker,375x360.u2There is also a new Dreamworld section which incorporates levels 96-110 and it looks like it may go on further, but it is difficult to tell until the first section of levels is complete. This section has four games where you have reach a target score, nine where you have to clear the jelly and two where you have to get the ingredients down to the bottom. Comparing these to levels 96-110 on the original game, they follow the same pattern of requirements per game except for level 108 which originally was a timed game, but there seem to be no timed levels in the Dreamworld section of the game, probably too difficult to work quickly and keep a watch on Odus at the same time. Level 108 is now a clear the jelly level instead.

This means that there are now 30 new levels to play on Candy Crush Saga. The Dreamworld levels tend to be copies of the original levels but just incorporating Odus the owl to make them even more difficult. However, the main game levels are likely to be unique. With no timed levels, they will hopefully not be too annoying either, but until they get played there is no way of telling.

The levels are only available on the Facebook version of the game at the moment, although the android version of the game has updated somewhat so that Dreamworld goes up to level 95 but the main game is still stuck on level 500 at the moment. It seems like Apple apps are at the same stage as well, which means that unless you play the game on your PC through Facebook, you may have some more time to wait before you get the new levels.

We will add some walkthroughs for the new levels but you will have to be patient as we will need some time to complete them first! Hopefully they will keep us all entertained for a nice long time but will not be too irritating!


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NSA Taps Candy Crush Saga Players

There have been reports that some mobile apps are capable of leaking users information. Edward Snowden, former contractor has leaked documents to the Guardian, New York Times and ProPublica showing that mobile software has been used by the National security Agency to get data from users. Analysis by Zscaler Inc has shown that Candy Crush Saga, the most popular Facebook game is one of those that has been targeted.

nsaThe vice-president of Zcaler, Michael Sutton, has said that people should accept that their information is no longer private and so they should only share information digitally if they are prepared for it to be seen by anyone. A mobile phone app could be capable of sharing information such as location, gender and age of the owners as well as other more personal information. The agencies can gain this information from cable taps or from International mobile networks on a mass basis rather than hacking individual devices. They are interested because terrorist organisations will often use phones to carry out and trigger activities and this is why they have spent time devising methods to tap into them and are monitoring the data.

Part of the reason that this data can be accessed is because the advertisements in the apps are not secure and tend not to encrypt data. The advertisements within games such as Candy Crush Saga could therefore leave players vulnerable but as long as they have nothing to hide, they should have nothing to fear.

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Working At Candy Crush Saga (the makers of Candy Crush Saga) seems like it is one of the coolest places to work in the world! With offices sprouting up all over the globe, the crew keeps getting larger and larger.

Currently there are over 400 employees at and its growing rapidly. If you check out their website, they have over 100 open positions across the world with their main offices being in Sweden. This start-up is gaining a lot of new employees because of its fun work life and flexible work lifestyle.

Work Hard, Play Hard

The workplace is a very energetic and fun place to work. The Candy Crush Saga makers have many fun social events from go-carting to ice cream making classes. If you check out the video below, they have weekly helicopter races in the office for fun. Taking a walk around the office and you will see many gaming consoles, ping pong tables, and other things to keep the creative juices flowing. They even have specific rooms that are for relaxing and playing games.

working at candy crush saga

Chill Out, Man!

Most offices inside have places called ‘chill out rooms’. In these, rooms makers of Candy Crush Saga can join together in small groups and brainstorm new levels, games, and new ideas. These rooms are all furnished around the awesome games that make. If you watch the video below you will see that they are designed after Candy Crush Saga and other games. These ‘chill out rooms’ also feature air hockey tables, ping pong tables, pool tables and other cool activities for employees to relax and brainstorm.

Game night

At there are 3 is a game night in which teams get together and play games. Drinks and food are provided by the company and games can be anything from board games to online games. These are a great way for teams to come together more closely and enjoy what they like to do best…play games!

Candy Crush News has 3 weekly newscast that is created by the employees of the company. People can create newscast from their office and connect with people around the company. You can hear the latest news from around and see what people are working on and whats coming down the pipeline. This creates great connectivity through the growing company and allows you to know who you work with and whats going on.

candy crush features many benefits to working for the company and working with great games such as Candy Crush Saga. Some of the great benefits are:

  • Pension Plans
  • Free coffee and snacks at work
  • Great Insurance
  • Flexible Hours
  • Gym Reimbursement
  • Disability coverage
  • Personal travel concierge
  • Travel season ticket loans Headquarters

Here are some great pictures of the work-life at where Candy Crush and other great games are created.

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Candy Crush Saga Coming To Windows Phone

For those of you who enjoy the game of Candy Crush Saga but have a windows phone may soon be in luck. Microsoft has announced that the game should become available for windows phone by the end of Q1 2014. For those that don’t know quarters, that is sometime in March or April.

For Candy Crush Fans who have a windows phone, this is a god send. You have been playing the game at home, or on your laptop and are probably ready to start playing on your mobile device.

Hopefully you Candy Crushers will still be fans of the Candy Crush Saga game when it becomes available for Windows Phones!


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